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Ann Shippy M.D.
Dr. Shippy practices functional medicine, a method that addresses the underlying causes of disease, rather than simply treating the symptoms. She is Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Functional Medicine which combines the art and science of healing to address the care of the whole person, their environment, and their livelihood. Dr. Shippy also holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering – a background she characterizes as a “clinical and data driven approach to caring for my patients”. To get to the root cause of illness she systematically looks at a variety of factors that affect health and wellbeing. “I spend a lot of time with my patients reviewing family history, testing for genetic expressions, nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxins, as well as looking at and adjusting lifestyle and environmental influences. My goal is to care for the every patient as a whole person and to make Every Life Well™ .
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My Experiences with Dr. Shippy and her entire staff have been amazing! They are all truly incredible people! They don't just look at me like a patient but they look at me like a human being and I always feel like they care. On top of that I feel like Dr. Shippy is an incredible doctor.






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